BOGOS are a great way to build up your collection!

doTERRA offers a “buy one oil and get different oil for free” combination, and it changes every day of this week.

If you are not already a customer of mine, but want to place an order with me for your BOGO order of the day, I will offer a chance to enter in a free drawing, for a free membership! $35 value!  Please call me for details. If you want to purchase any of these daily deals from me, it needs to be done before 9:00 pm each night of the deal.

How do you decide retail vs wholesale?
In order to get the wholesale price, you would need to have a doTERRA wellness membership account, which is normally $35, and that would get you 25% off any doTERRA product(s) for a year (renews annually at $25 like a costco membership)!  Who would not want that deal? If you contact me, I will enter you into a drawing for a free membership – I am giving one membership each day from those who contact me during doTERRA’s BOGO Week.. Click the links below for purchasing either a wholesale account or retail by 9:00pm and I will make sure I get your order taken care of!  If you would like to sign up yourself, you can  Click here to learn more about membership

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  • I use DigestZen topically for digestive discomfort, it soothes and regulates quickly and effectively.
  • DigestZen is such a wonderful support to stuffy sinuses during times of seasonal discomfort, we just rub a small amount diluted with fractionated coconut oil onto sinus areas before sleeping.
  • When I am emotionally overstimulated or overwhelmed, inhaling a drop of DigestZen helps me digest and assimilate new information or experiences
  • Breathing in DigestZen helps create freedom of movement with my thoughts and emotions.



  • Often in the afternoon, I start to snack on things even though I’m not actually
    hungry. Adding 1-2 drops of Slim+Sassy to my large stainless water bottle
    helps me manage my cravings and stay better hydrated
  • Breathing in Slim+Sassy Metabolic Blend has helped to clear my mind of
    emotional patterns which contribute to overeating
  • Breathing in Slim+Sassy Metabolic Blend helps me release negative emotions
    about my body image, encouraging me to love and honor my body.