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Welcome to doTERRA!

There are 3 ways you can choose to begin enjoying the benefits of doTERRA!

1). Order retail: and pay the full retail price.

2). Become a wholesale customer:
Wholesale membership costs $35 to open, just like a Costco membership, you enjoy wholesale benefits. There are no commitments, no strings attached. This is a yearly fee, however, the 2nd year, it is only $25 and you will receive a free peppermint oil.  You can also enjoy the Loyalty Rewards Program if you decide to participate, to learn more click here (Your annual membership will save 25-55% off retail pricing plus other exclusive member-only benefits). Join for FREE (membership fee is waived) if you enroll with an enrollment kit! This is an awesome way to get the most popular collection of oils, that are used daily to help support your family’s wellness goals!

3). Become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate:
This is the same benefits of #2 above, and you may find sharing the oils with others, you can earn commissions. This is the most popular option.

Your journey for wellness is ready to begin, and I am here to help!

Click on this link below, it will take you to my website to enroll.
My account number is 500939