Essential Oils


Essential oils for thyroid support Information off of Rachels Website:      for more information and for the rest of her article, visit her site! Myrrh – Because Myrrh is very high in Sesquiterpenes (75%), it is a strong support for the thyroid. Sesquiterpenes also stimulate the limbic system, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. Combine with Clove,… View more

Generic Blend Names for doTERRA

Descriptive (generic) dōTERRA® Active Botanical Nutritive Duo  Yarrow|Pom Anti-Aging Blend  Immortelle® Blend for Women  Whisper® Captivating Blend  Beautiful Touch Cellular Complex Blend  DDR Prime® Centering Blend  Align (Yoga Kit-2017) Cleansing Blend  Purify® Comforting Blend  Console® (Emotions Kit) Courage Blend  Brave™ Touch (Children’s Kit-2018) Detoxification Blend  Zendocrine® Digestive Blend  DigestZen® Encouraging Blend  Motivate® (Emotions Kit) Enlightening Blend  Arise… View more