India Enrollment Process

Enrolling into the doTERRA “Global Access Account” is the process, until doTERRA opens up in India. As a resident of India, it will be important to following these steps, carefully, and when doTERRA opens up (approx at the end of 2020), your account will be positioned to move to the India distribution center for easier deliveries.

If you live in India, follow these steps to enroll into the GLOBAL ACCESS ACCOUNT SYSTEM – be sure to follow these steps carefully:

  1. go to: (US doTERRA website)
  2. go to: “Account” at the top right, click on that
  3. Click on “Create an Account”
  4. You will now be directed to the enrollment form, click – Yes, continue enrollment
  5. Choose REGION: United States LANGUAGE: English, click continue
  6. It will ask the same questions on the next window, you select GLOBAL ACCESS, and then India, and choose english, click continue.
  7. This screen – you will fill out all of your contact information, and you will want to make sure you complete all fields! NOTE: Enroller and Sponsor will be Me and Larry: Becky Raney #500939. Don’t forget to click in the box for accepting doTERRA’s terms and conditions. Click next.
  8. This is the area will you will need to find the Enrollment kit that is $35 and it is important that it is the one with the black box image that is for Global Access account type. This is very important!
  9. You can add additional items, such as enrollment kits at the area below that looks like line items invoice. Make sure you click on refresh button to update totals.
  10. Enter in your Credit Card information, and billing address for your India Address. HOWEVER, for shipping, you will need to enter in this address (Welcome papers are being shipped and we will collect and ship to you): Larry & Becky Raney / __(and then your name)___