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I am so excited to announce the Essentials For Living Wellness Facebook Group Page, and co-existing with Master Your Metabolism Group. I found that these two things co-partner, and all information is so beneficial. Over the years I have suffered from bad gut health, food allergies, stress, not sleeping, irritable with emotions, and locked shoulder, all are symptoms of a bad gut.. ..

About 8 years ago, I started researching gut health and found out so much regarding the key to any wellness issues starts with the gut. And it is really simple, if you have the information, you will then be empowered to take control of your health, your body, the temple that it is!
I am excited to share with you the goodies that I have gathered up over the years, and I hope you will be delighted with what we have in store for you.
If you are really wanting to take control of your health – there are two things you can do that this group page is supporting! one is a gut cleanse, and the other is the metabolic challenge. You can do both, but you may just choose to do one. keeping it simple. I always seem to overdo things and then it gets to be too much. I don’t want that for you! so do what you think is best. I promise you- I will post many different links to information, blogs, videos, recipes, and amazing essential oil benefits that you can use to support your body in your life journey!


For the week of Jan 21-25, where you will be intentional and focus on your body self-care. I have forms here attached on FB group page for you to work with! This FB group page is a great place to ask questions because I know it is not just you that have questions, so share and enlighten!

In order to prepare, make sure you have all the products ready to go for the week of Jan 21! Some products you may already have in your arsenal but others you may not! contact me so I can help you get what you need. Just a note: doTERRA has extended the 200 pv Promo (order by January 15th) so stock up now {and enjoy another FREE Frankincense}
  • Life Long Vitality Supplements
  • Slim & Sassy, Gum, Gel Caps, 15ml Oil and Protein Powder
  • Yarrow | Pom
  • one or any Citrus oils; Lemon, Green Mandarin, Lime, Tangerine, Bergamot, Wild Orange


If you are joining this group to do a mild detox, this is also a great group to engage in! doTERRA’s detox part of the program is just 10 days, and you can start anytime, you take one GX Assist capsule in the morning and watch what you eat, green and clean throughout the day! for the rest of the month, you will support your body in rebuilding healthy bacteria with the PB Assist, probiotics, Terrazyme Enzymes, and the Life Long Vitality supplements -(the cleanse and restore kit is listed below)
I will post many articles to help you learn why the gut gets so bent out of shape in the first place, to help you avoid the cycle of bad health and compromised immune system!
It is not a requirement to purchase any of these products to be a part of this group. Please enjoy the information, and my goal is to help you be informed and find power around your health! I am committed to help people stop hurting and suffering.
If you are not yet a doTERRA wholesale member or wellness advocate and would like to join, private message me and I will help you get your tools set for this program and show you the world of essential oils! If you have in the past set up a doTERRA account but have not ordered in 4 months or longer, there is a special promotion for this month of Jan 2019, just for you to get some free oils! Contact me and I will help you get those free gifts!!
and for items listed for the metabolic makeover, give me a message and I will help you with them!
Becky Raney

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