Suntan Lotion – 2oz


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Sun and tanning beds cause irreversible damage to your skin and sunless tanning products can have a horrible smell and include toxic chemicals. Be safe with this wonderful suntan lotion. Lightly colored with a natural cocoa powder, and this batch was carefully made with rosemary and mint tea from my garden, adding the assistance to help color your skin.  This lotion will softly add color to your skin, with the help of the sun and depending on how much and how often you use it.  With a base of avocado, coconut and olive oil,  your skin will feel so wonderful.  The essential oils that are added have some SPF factor, between 10 and 30 depending on how much you use. The essential oils are are pomegranate, red raspberry, carrot seed and lavender, myrrh, and rosemary.

Recommendation: Exfoliate your skin before using, to help with even coverage.




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