Green Mandarin Essential Oil


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doTERRA’s Green Mandarin Essential Oil

New Product 2018

Green Mandarin – Citrus nobilis – From the unripe fruit of the mandarin tree, Green Mandarin essential oil is known for supporting healthy digestive and immune systems.*

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The oil has 3 amazing qualities:

  1. Unusual Chemistry
  2. Non-typical Aroma-citrus but more earthy
  3. Reduced or no photosensitivity

This oil is harvest in Brazil and is the unripened red Mandarin Fruit.  The farmers will “abort” around 60-70% of the unripened fruit to help the tree put nutrients to the growth of a Red Manderine so it will grow bigger and be more appealing commercially. Since this fruit has always been discarded, doTERRA wondered about the properties if there was value in it. Yes, they found limonene, also has a substantial amount of gamma terpinene.  This works synergistically to help the body respond appropriately to decrease neuronal excitability.  This oil deals with tissue disruption within the respiratory system and is very clarifying to it as well. A wonderful oil for diffusing and taking internally.

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