10 ways to reclaim and sustain your personal power

10 ways to reclaim and sustain your personal power

To be honest, i don’t recall where I got this note of inspiration, but the other day I found it on my computer and thought it was so inspiring that I would post it.

Power Up Productions, Cathy Angell, author/presenter

  1. Follow your creative urges
  2. Walk past the devils – they limit beliefs
  1. Be selective when you share your dreams
  2. Give yourself a personal update on the outside – weight, clothes, hair, how you look on the outside needs to mirror your new how you are in the inside.
  1. Do something that scares you!
  2. Always Arrive on time or early
  3. Choose experts who fit
  4. Ask questions – also never assume
  5. Release your victim stories – never gossip, or complain (this is my hardest one, but call me on it if you hear me going south)
  1. Express gratitude. (this is an every morning, get up and immediately thank God for all that we have, for all that he has provided and the more I do this the more amazing things I realize I am so thankful for)

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