doTERRA is ranked #7 in a top 20 MLM Companies in 2013

doTERRA is ranked #7 in a top 20 MLM Companies in 2013

doTERRA is ranked #7 in a top 20 MLM Companies and going strong!! Please check this out & Share! ~ Sara

A doTERRA Company Review
by Safari Rich on Friday, September 6th, 2013

doTERRA was founded at the beginning of 2008, so as an MLM company it has passed the first five year mark, and is going strong. The company has been on a steady growth rate for those five years, with the last year being a record year. It continues to gain momentum in the United States, as well as in many overseas countries, with even new countries opening within the next few months The retention rate of d?TERRA is two to three times higher than most of its competitors, which can mean a lasting business opportunity and a great product. The executive team of seven leaders is well qualified and experienced, and is leading the expanding company forward debt free.

doTERRA Oils If you review our list of Top 20 MLM Companies, you will currently find them at #7 at the time of this writing. Being in the top 20 is no small thing. This company seems to have the most buzz of any other company I have been reviewing over the last 3-6 months. One of the reasons why is they have almost zero competition with their product. They are not a “Me-Too” company. And, all of their growth has occurred without markets in Asia yet. They have things set to open in several areas of east-Asia, which will really translate into some very, very strong periods of growth. This company will trend higher in the months and years to come.


What makes doTERRA’s products so enticing? They make available Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that can be used to treat health and wellness issues naturally. With the increasing uncertainty of medical legislation and regulations, any tool that can be used in the home to empower people to use natural products to meet their health and wellness issues is a win-win situation. These essential oils, and the other products offered, have been shown to save money for the user by not relying on the medical field and medications to treat every condition that arises.

The quality testing that these oils undergo is very thorough and strict. Every batch of oil is tested, and will not pass if there are any impurities. No synthetics are used and there are no other chemical residues or pesticides in any of the oils.

The products can be broken down into these categories:

Essential Oils and Oil Blends
Health and Wellness Supplements and Products
Essential Skin and Hair Care

One reason these products are different from anything similar you can find in the stores is the quality testing that is carried out. You cannot find this level of product on the store shelves. By using the direct selling method, doTERRA can better assure the quality of the product.

There are many support networks that help users of the products, as well as consultants. Websites, printed materials, videos and an excellent customer service department help make doTERRA well represented and user friendly.

doTERRA states they have one of the most generous payout percentages in the industry. There are several ways in which a consultant can earn money, starting with retail sales. Fast Start Bonuses are paid out weekly three generations deep on new enrollees. There is another bonus called the Power of 3Team Bonus which is based on their auto ship program and recurrent sales. This can increase in payout as your team grows.

There is also a Unilevel commission which is pain monthly on seven generations based on structure of your team and rank. Beyond that there are various Bonus Pools paid on total worldwide volume and based on leadership achievement. The autoship program, Loyalty Rewards Program, provides free product credits for a person’s monthly purchases.
The compensation plan is encouraging to the beginner because they will receive a payout soon after enrolling a consultant, which promotes motivation to continue to build.

If the consultant is proactive, the next level of compensation will begin to kick in within a few to several months of working the business. There are some stipulations to receiving the pay outs, so that can be a tricky part of learning about doTERRA’s business model.

The Future for doTERRA
Getting started as a consultant is financially feasible for most every economic level. There is a $35 fee to receive the wholesale membership of the products (25% off), which also enrolls the person as a consultant. They can then choose if they want to just use the discount for products, or want to grow a business. The company is finding that some at first only want to be a customer, but then a few months down the road begin to inquire about the business aspect of the company because they are so impressed with the product.

No one can predict the future of a company, but this company is on track to grow at an exponential rate. Great leadership, an excellent product at a time when the population is looking for natural alternatives to healthcare, and a good compensation plan all make for an exciting future for doTERRA.

What is the Potential for New Distributors?
The previous section summed up my opinion on what kind of potential I think there is, but let me give you my opinion beyond the numbers, the age of the company, the money spent on R&D, etc.

doTERRA is the perfect company for a person loves health without having a product that is like everyone else’s then this may be the perfect company. They are not a progressive, online recruiting, tons of landing pages, type of company. But, it doesn’t need to be. People are joining in droves just through personal experience with the oils. It is about $250 to get started right in the business.

Unlike some of the other companies I have reviewed, I see a waves of younger and older generation entrepreneurs jumping on board. That’s a good thing. The company is brash, as well as elegant. I like that too. This company will be especially refreshing for someone with experience in Network Marketing that is looking for a company that is strongly tending upward. There is a lot of money to be made with this company.

doTERRA – review the company, their history, their compensation plan, and their products.

As I always say, stay FAR away from all of those web sites that talk about scam or “is it legit” type sites. Those are worthless, tasteless, and downright ignorant sites and the guy who put those scam sites together is probably the guy who is complaining about his minimum wage job as the TSA agent telling you to slip off your shoes at the airport. Don’t take advice from a shoe boy at the airport. Do your own research and don’t get caught in the trap of the gossip sites.

Do we endorse doTERRA? Yes, a BIG time two thumbs up.



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