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Food Companies to steer away from

    here is a collection of links that I will be adding to support this image: A great suggestion is: don’t buy any manufactured food. Why not  just snack on fresh fruit and veg? Cooking fresh food is quick and easy and a joy. It’s what all people in all countries have always done,… View more

Throat Spray & Hand Sanitizer Recipes!

Throat Spray & Hand Sanitizer Recipes!

ON GUARD THROAT SPRAY Combine the following: 8 drops of doTERRA onGUARD Essential Oil Blend 8 drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil Blend 2 oz. of distilled water Pour into clear 4 mil glass Misting Spray Vials. Open wide and spray directly to your throat!   doTERRA On GUARD Hand Sanitizer Hand cleansers are a… View more

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