Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza


This recipe was given to me by my friend Dawn, and I added the essential oils to it!  Perfect for potluck picnics… it one of those that you can’t stop eating, so you might as well double the batch.


Cookie Layer Ingredients

Take 1 package of sugar cookie dough, or make a recipe batch.  Add 4 drops of doTERRA lemon to the dough and mix.  Take dough and roll out to 1/3″ thick or more or less depending on  your liking!   Lay dough over a lightly greased pizza pan/plate.  Cook according to directions for cookie and it will take a bit longer, keep an eye on it.  Bake till it starts to be golden on top. Take out and cool.


Layer 1 Sauce Ingredients

1-8 oz. package of cram cheese softened
1 small container of marshmallow cream
6 drops dōTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil
Spread over the cookie dough as the sauce layer of a pizza. Lay it on thick!  Then take a selection of wonderful seasoned fruits and cut them decoratively, such as strawberries, slice the long ways, from end to top, in slices and lay out in a decorative pattern, blueberries, black berries, bananas, kiwi fruit, pineapple (small chunks)  and any fruit that you love. Decorate in a beautiful pattern even over the pizza.
Take a strawberry glaze that you can buy pre made from the grocery store, and smooth it over the top in a layer that seals the fruit in on the top of the pizza.  And serve.  Refrigerate if left overs.

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